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Pasta Angels


box of large bow tie pasta
hot glue gun
box of elbow pasta
12mm wooden beads
box of acini di pepe pasta
white spray paint
mini gold or silver silk roses
gold or silver plastic ring
fine-point black permanent marker
metal tinsel cord
pin back (optional)


1. Ask a parent to gently cut one bow tie pasta in half using the knife.
2. Turn over a whole bow tie pasta and carefully use the hot glue gun to attach a half-piece of pasta to the middle. This forms the body and wings. You may want a parent’s help.
3. Glue elbow macaroni on each side of the front to make arms.
4. Glue the bead on top of the body for a head.
5. Put glue on the top, back and side of the head. Make sure not to get any on the front.
6. Roll the glue-covered bead in the pepe pasta to make hair. You may have to repeat this step to get a full head of hair.
7. Spray paint the front and back of the angel. It may take two or three coats to make it look good. (Let dry between coats.)
8. Cut the stem off one of the roses and glue the rose on top of the elbow macaroni so it looks like the angel is holding the rose.
9. Glue a ring on top of the angel’s head for a halo.
10. Draw a face on the angel in permanent marker.
11. Make a 2-inch loop out of cord. Glue it on the back of the angel and let it dry. (You can make a neat pin by gluing a pin back to your angel.)
12. Hang your angel ornament on your Christmas tree!

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