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Hosting a Focus on the Family marriage event will help you strengthen marriages. Strong marriages are key to thriving churches and communities. We provide everything that you need for your church to be successful as you host your own unique marriage event for couples in your community.

Journey To Us

Host this two-day experience for marriages in your congregation. This event is designed to help couples find their way back to a marriage that feel like the safest place on earth.

Host this two-day experience for marriage in your congregation. This event is designed to help couples move from roommates to soulmates in their marriages.

Host a two-hour date night for marriages in your congregation. This event uniquely ushers in healing and guidance through laughter for marriage of all kinds!

Meet the Speakers

Greg & Erin Smalley

Erin Smalley has a master’s degree in clinical psychology and runs a practice specializing in married couples. Erin and Greg have published over 25 books. Dr. Greg Smalley is Vice President of Marriage at Focus on the Family and has a clinical psychology doctorate and counseling degree. Together, they have led seminars around the world and are known for their transparency, empathy, and down-to-earth teachings. They have been married 30+ years (and it didn’t always look pretty).

Bob & Jenni Paul

Jenni Paul is an accomplished artist with a master’s degree in intercultural ministries and love for storytelling. Dr. Bob Paul is Vice President of the Focus on the Family Marriage Institute and primary architect of Hope Restored. He holds an honorary doctorate and master’s degree, which support his work as a counselor, author, and trainer. Together, they are passionate about transforming marriage and helping couples enjoy more of God’s intended blessings. They have been married for 40+ years (with dramatic ups and downs in the early years).