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What is Planned Giving?

Planned Giving, often called gift planning or legacy giving, is making a charitable donation as part of your overall financial and/or estate plans during your lifetime or after death. 

How Does Planned Giving Help You?

Successful planned giving can help you fulfill your charitable goals while providing significant tax-savings. Planned gifts can often help those who are charitably minded make a larger impact by tapping into non-cash assets, rather than giving from their checking accounts. 

A planned gift can be made through:

  • Assets such as an IRA account, stock, real estate, business interest, a life insurance policy, commodities, or other appreciated assets.
  • A Charitable Tool, such as a Charitable Trust or a Charitable Gift Annuity, that will create income and provide other financial benefits.
  • An Estate Gift made through a will bequest or beneficiary designation.
  • A tangible item such as jewelry, artwork, or vehicles. 

Learn More About These Common Types of Planned Gifts

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Featured Videos

Creating a Biblical Will
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Creating a Will Biblically

In this unique interactive event sponsored by Focus on the Family’s Planned Giving team, Josh Zeichik and special guest speaker, David Carlson, President of Christian Trustmaker discussed topics including:

  • Why should you have a will,
  • How do wills differ when designed from a Christian worldview,
  • What happens if you don’t have a will, and
  • Affordable planning options when creating a will and other estate documents.
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Jim Daly Explains His Legacy

Over the last 40 years, Focus on the Family has proclaimed the biblical view of marriage and family. Listen in as Jim Daly shares why the Legacy Community is important and why he chose to leave a legacy gift.

Focus on the Family’s Legacy Community is made up of people, just like you, who share our Passion and Calling for Helping Families Thrive for Generations to come. This community believes in the mission to see the Biblical understanding of the family proclaimed to a hurting culture.