There are many issues regarding sexuality being faced by our culture. Here at Focus on the Family, we care about helping families understand the complexities of sexual attraction and sexual identity labels and how best to address the difficult questions we face each day in the public square and in our own homes.

We hope the information on this page will serve you and your family as you seek to navigate this issue with biblical wisdom, love and compassion.

Counseling for Sexual Identity Concerns:

A Measured, Careful, and Compassionate approach.
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Help for Parents, Families & Individuals

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Critical Conversations book cover

Critical Conversations

By: Tom Gilson

Cover image of the book Strange New World by Carl R. Trueman

Strange New World

By: Carl R. Trueman

Gay Girl Good God Book cover

Gay Girl, Good God

By: Jackie Hill Perry

Desires in Conflict

By: Joe Dallas

Rethinking Sexuality book cover

Rethinking Sexuality

By: Juli Slattery

Is God Anti-Gay book cover

Is God Anti-Gay?

By: Sam Allberry

The Gay Gospel?

By: Joe Dallas

A Change of Affection

A Change of Affection

By: Beckett Cook


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Leaving Pro-Gay Theology For True Faith

Joe Dallas shares his testimony of being repeatedly molested as a boy and pursuing homosexual encounters as a teenager. After becoming a Christian, Joe struggled to reconcile the gospel with his promiscuous lifestyle, to the point of joining a pro-homosexual church in his quest for peace. Joe explains how the combination of misleading, ‘pro-gay’ theology and the conviction of the Holy Spirit propelled him into becoming a very angry gay activist. Eventually, God’s truth penetrated Joe’s armor, and his whole life was transformed.

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Sharing Christ in a Cancel Culture (Part 1 of 2)

Before God fully captured his heart, Joe Dallas identified as a homosexual and tried to integrate his sexuality with his Christian beliefs, actively promoting a pro-gay theology. In this broadcast, Dallas addresses major controversies in today’s increasingly hostile cancel culture, helping believers to cultivate respectful discussions and share Christ’s love and truth with others who don’t share our faith. (Part 1 of 2)

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Leaving Homosexuality and Finding Forgiveness

Growing up in a single-parent home, Jackie Hill Perry learned very early that men were unpredictable and sometimes dangerous, while women were loving and safe. She felt same-sex attractions at an early age, and eventually pursued an active lesbian lifestyle. When she was 19 years old, God called Jackie to purity, which led her into a wonderful relationship with the man who eventually became her husband and the father of her children.

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Downloadable Kits

Focus on the Family has additional downloadable kits to help you respond to challenges related to homosexuality and how to maintain a relationship with a loved one that is struggling with homosexuality.


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