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Yes, double my gift to save twice the lives this Christmas!

After Roe, moms and babies are still at risk of abortion.
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Yes, double my gift to save twice the lives this Christmas!


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A significant aspect of advocating for the pro-life movement involves engaging and educating others with compassion and truth. Often, we think this means rallying against the opposition, but thankfully, “we can passionately argue against abortion while treating people with love and respect.” With that in mind, can we share the pro-life philosophy with those closest to us? Can we foster open dialogue within our local communities or families? How can we discuss being pro-life within our church?

Options And Opportunities

The answer to these questions starts by capitalizing on opportunities. One such opportunity is supporting the Option Ultrasound program. The Option Ultrasound program helps equip pregnancy medical centers with ultrasound machines because research shows that when a mother considering abortion has an ultrasound and counseling, more than half will choose life.

When you donate any amount to rescue mothers and babies from abortion, you’ll receive a free, life-affirming Baby Quilt Kit. This kit has easy-to-use instructions and materials to make a small quilt to celebrate life. It includes everything needed for the quilt except batting. It even has extra blocks and border to create other projects. This is an excellent opportunity to make and share pro-life values.

In addition to the quilt, a gift to support the Option Ultrasound program will provide the training and equipment to introduce mothers to their babies in the womb. Revealing life softens hearts and saves lives. It will also help provide abortion pill reversal training and support the My Choice Network online search that connects moms with pregnancy medical centers.

Equipped For Conversation

Now that you are equipped with quilt materials, here are some ideas on how to use them. The first scenario would involve constructing the quilt with a grandparent. “Getting to know seniors on a personal level becomes much easier when you discover shared interests.” This is yet another way to create memories with a grandmother or great-aunt and opens an opportunity to explore their experiences in the pro-life movement.

The second option involves donating the quilt to the local church nursery. This is an excellent way to kick-start conversations and potentially share your pro-life story. Additionally, if the church has a quilting ministry, you could attend their next group session and inquire about their pro-life journey.

The final scenario is finishing the quilt and seeing if a Pregnancy Medical Center would like it. Take the quilt and some coffee or other goodies for the staff. Or see if they have prayer needs. These nonprofit, community-based organizations are dedicated to providing compassionate medical support to women facing difficult pregnancy decisions. They would appreciate your support and encouragement. 

More information about Pregnancy Help Organizations:

Meaningful Impact

Some people feel uncomfortable participating in pro-life rallies or talking through pro-life arguments. Yet we each have an important role in the pro-life movement. So embrace the opportunities within your reach. Grab a quilt and start some conversations. 

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