Give Now to Save America's Families!
Urgent Need: Will you become 1 of the 770 monthly donors needed by March 31 to embolden Christian homes to stand firm against cultural forces that dishonor God’s plan for marriage and families? Your monthly gift will ensure we can continue to provide trustworthy, biblical guidance and support to struggling families on an ongoing basis.
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Give Now to Save America's Families!
Your $30 monthly gift helps strengthen 12 Christ-centered families annually by redeeming marriages, empowering parents, and promoting compassion and integrity. Your support strengthens hearts, communities, and our nation.
Choose to make a lasting difference: Opt for a single transformative gift or join the Friends of Focus on the Family for year-round impact.

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Rescue twice the moms and their babies.

Give a single gift OR rescue babies from abortion all year as an Option Ultrasound Life Advocate.

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Teaching Kids to Love God and Serve Others Well

Monica Swanson shares a story about taking her son Jonah through “character training” when he was 13 to learn more about the importance of godly character in his life. She also shares why allowing kids to suffer and learn through adversity will help them become stronger and healthier adults.



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beautiful woman holding a newborn

The Creation of Woman: Affirming Your Daughter’s Identity

For Christian families, there’s an overwhelming importance upon understanding the roles of female and male. However, our culture emphasizes different aspects of these roles from Christianity. In the Christian context, the origin point for this conversation lies at the beginning: the creation of woman and man.

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  • Teaching Kids to Love God and Serve Others Well March 1, 2024
    When my son, Trent, was a teenager, I asked him to rake pine needles out of a rock bed in the front yard. He did a good job, but a couple of times I had to urge him to give a little more effort.  Trent often declared a task “good enough” a bit too soon. […]

The Focus on the 澳彩幸运10开奖直播软件-历史网址查询结果号码

To cooperate with the Holy Spirit in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with as many people as possible by nurturing and defending the God-ordained institution of the family and promoting biblical truths worldwide. 

Shown from behind, a couple sitting with their two young kids outside; all are wearing denim jackets

Throughout my active parenting years I really relied on Focus radio broadcasts for encouragement, guidance, and information...(see more)

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If you’re in Colorado Springs, we’d be 澳洲/幸运/168飞艇开奖官网结果体彩下载计划开奖数据 to have you visit our Welcome Center and Bookstore. Guests can become better acquainted with Focus on the Family through a self-guided walking tour, as well as have fun with their children in the Kids’ Korner play area and Whit’s End Soda Shoppe.

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